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Dear Sir,
We hereby have the pleasure to introduce ourselves to your respected company in the following pages, which contains company profile and previous works.
G. Manager

PHAROS – Technology

We truly care about our users and our product.

PHAROS Mission

A Commitment to Knowledge” has always been the driving principle of pharos Mission to Offer Customers Superior Solutions That Are Well Supported With Excellent Up-To Data And–Sale Services.

To be the most efficient link between our vendor partners and customers.

• Quality products & services. The product solutions Pharos represents, in Egypt, are consistently regarded as high quality products by international standards. Pharos Policies and organizational structure ensure that pharos representatives are professional qualified and business oriented. • Total Solutions. The rapid pace of change and the complexity of Ict market offerings sometimes make it difficult for the overage organization to organization to effectively use Ict technology. Pharos Works with a range of products and services that enables it to offer, implement and covering a wide range form servers to applications &communications to training.

Pharos employees deal directly with customers by training informing educating servicing supporting or selling pharos Has several functional areas devoted entirely to costomers needs. They include:

Pharos customer needs are varied: larger installations require project management and teams of qualified engineers pharos professional services department is setup for just for this purpose..

Pharos has made a significant investment in hiring specialized expertise and upgrading the skills and qualifications of their existing personnel. Pharos is happy to share their practical experience in a consulting capacity to the benefit of your it project.

Networking Services include site survey, design, implementation and management of local and wide area networks.

Pharos products are covered by warranty, which, includes on site-repair, parts and labour. Warranty time periods and specific terms vary by product. .

Maintenance contracts, for various levels of services, are available to customers within or after the warranty period. .

PHAROS Special

Pharos For technology was founded in 1998 and we have leading role in supplying the Egyptian market with the latest in information & communication technology (ICT). Since starting out as a brand re-seller for Compaq , IBM Dell & networking company Pharos has seen steady growth every year. This growth has come about as a result as a result of the worldwide movement of ICT towards client/server open system platforms. Since pharos represents some of the best-known and trusted open system ICT products in the world, Pharos Is well positioned to address the needs of modern organizations which are ready to realize the benefits promised by the latest innovations in technology. Pharos corporate missions to provide ICT total solutions for different sectors in the market. Today this goal has been successfully achieved through Pharos integrated product combination. .

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We truly care about our users and our product.

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